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1  General Category / John Rich Discussion / Nike SB Dunk High Pro Baroque Brown BQ6826-201 on: September 14, 2019, 07:19:52 am
Recently, a new color matching Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Baroque Brown" is exposed. This rare high-top Dunk SB is made of Baroque brown leather with grey nylon for a calm and sophisticated body texture. Nike SB Dunk High Pro Baroque Brown tough line from the toe to the upper outlines the tough silhouette of the high-top Dunk SB. This Baroque brown is actually a Nike shoe, not a common color scheme. The last color to be mentioned is also traced back to the 2015 peak series Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle “Baroque Brown”. Luxurious and superior upper material, with calm Baroque brown and gold, noble and temperament. At the end of this year, there may be another pair of Air Jordan 1 "Baroque Brown", black and brown and bright yellow contrast body, showing a unique new temperament.

New Jordan 2019,This year's Nike Air Max 720 has conquered countless players with its super-thick and full-height air cushion, making it a high-profile shoe. Recently, a new version of the Air MX 720-818 officially released, the shoe material has changed a lot. A new version of the fabric upper, this new version of the upper is made of synthetic material, interspersed with multiple lanes, like a down jacket, should be a warm version for the fall and winter. One of the colors is metal silver, the texture is similar to the spacesuit, avant-garde and sci-fi. The other is a brown dress that is more understated.

2019 Cheap Jordan is quite similar to the high-priced Air Jordan 4 “Encore”, the Air Jordan 4 WNTR “Loyal Blue”, which was just exposed last week, has gained super attention, which is undoubtedly another surprise for the 30th anniversary of this flying boots. Air Jordan 4 WNTR Loyal Blue is dominated by dark blue. The soft leather body also has a few old effects. The inner lining and the red accent of the tongue make the visual expression boring and uncomfortable! The color matching specification is WNTR (Winter), which means that it is specially designed for winter, and the design is naturally warmer than ordinary color matching. The inner and outer sides of the shoe body and the tongue part are originally designed to improve the breathability and weight of the mesh element. This time, it is changed to perforated hard leather. The lining is supplemented with a towel-like material, which is worn in cold winters and is warm and comfortable.
2  General Category / John Rich Discussion / Shop Best Deal Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 on: September 08, 2019, 04:57:00 pm
2019 Sneakers Release,As one of Nike's most classic sneaker collections, the Air Force 1 brings a lot of new designs and new color combinations every year, and a new color exposure has recently emerged. The overall body is made of knit and has a dark blue tone. The side of the shoe is embellished with silver Swoosh, and the appearance is very similar to the Travis Scott co-branded version.Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 is still unknown about the Velcro disassembly design. The new color scheme was launched to celebrate the football team's New England Patriots' sixth championship. The logo and VICTORY are printed on the insole, and six stars are attached below. The details are very hard.

In this year's re-enacted Nike Air Max 2 Light series, with a retro look and avant-garde color matching, showing a good value. Recently, a classic OG color matching returned for the first time. These shoes are matched in black and yellow, and the color scheme is quite a bit of the texture of Bruce Lee. The tongue and Swoosh Logo are decorated in light blue, and the overall style is very eye-catching.

2019 Yeezy Boost brand new 4D cushioning has also been promoted with the passage of time, professional running shoes and retro running shoes have an eye-catching performance! Recently, the overseas exposure account solebyjc has produced a brand new shoe type, the gray-purple woven upper is supplemented by many hot-melt blessings, followed by the eye-catching ring stabilizer with the familiar green 4D printing midsole, which is quite avant-garde! It is reported that this is the sample version of adidas 4D 1.0, which is more complicated and sharper than the later commercial version. No release of the news is released, we can only have an eye addiction!
3  General Category / John Rich Discussion / FW3730 adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Japan Officially Released on: September 02, 2019, 07:07:36 am
As the adidas classic running shoes series, Ultra Boost has always had a good sales, although the new generation Ultra Boost 2019 has been released, but Ultra Boost 4.0 still has new products. Recently, a pair of new color matching adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Japan has been brought. The whole is dominated by white, and the Japanese flag is dotted on the tongue. The biggest highlight is the design of the rainbow tie-dye pattern with the explosion effect on the upper.

Supreme's new products for two seasons a year will basically have Nike co-branded shoes or apparel. Compared to the summer joints of several unpopular shoes, the pair of autumn and winter will be amazing! The Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low series, which was first exposed earlier this month, is a thunder, making countless OG Dunk players excited. This time, the joint name with SB Dunk is the fourth time after 2002, 2003 and 2012. Even the red burst SB Dunk Low, which was released in 2012, is already 7 years ago. The degree of the joint name can be imagined. The shoes are decorated with a mini Swoosh Logo, followed by a Supreme five-pointed star logo, and the street temperament exudes a high-quality temperament. White-red color has also been exposed to physical maps. The classic Supreme color scheme also presents a very good look.

Speaking of Jordan, the first thing that everyone thinks of is his two consecutive three-time record in the Chicago Bulls. This also directly leads to the Air Jordan sneakers, only the black and red color will be recognized by the fans and considered classic. But this year, Jordan Brand is unconventional, bringing us the Lakers Air Jordan 13 and the upcoming Air Jordan 3 Knicks. It is reasonable to say that in the star signature shoes, the appearance of the enemy color, this is extremely rare in the sneaker circle, not to mention the Air Jordan is the sneakers. This morning, foreign media also revealed to us the reason why Jordan Brand released these two color schemes - "Memorial Jordan beat the opponent." As the action of salt-salting, it highlights the detachment of Joe's gang in the basketball circle and even the sneaker circle. Speaking of the sneakers themselves, the shoes are mainly white, retaining the most classic cement ash cracks in Air Jordan 3, and the details of the tongue, midsole, outsole and heel are added to the representative orange and blue embellishment of the Knicks. The tag is also the Knicks theme.
4  General Category / John Rich Discussion / Buy Best Price New OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 90 on: August 27, 2019, 06:59:16 am
OFF-WHITE x Nike Co-branded series in the position of the sneakers must not say much, almost every pair of shoes has become a hot shoe for the trend players to grab. At the beginning of this year, two pairs of Air Max 90 joint ventures, the Nike's professional golfer Brooks Koepka exposed a new OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 90 through social media. The body is characterized by simple and elegant black tones, and the classic OFF-WHITE deconstruction concept is reflected in both the unique printing on the inside of the upper and the eye-catching Swoosh Logo design. The design is almost identical to the Air Max 90 that was released at the beginning of the year. But the unique feature is that the exposure is a golf shoe, the sole is changed from a common rubber sole to a professional golf shoe grass sole, which greatly enhances the grip and the uneven road surface of the golf course. The midsole was also adjusted for the change in the outsole, making the Air Max 90's thick midsole thinner and eliminating the visible air cushion of the heel.

The top sneakers from Los Angeles, USA The Shoe Surgeon is world-renowned, and each of their works is handmade, conquering countless people with exquisite workmanship and luxurious materials. Recently, The Shoe Surgeon has often brought custom-made works based on the Air Jordan 1 and immediately has a pair of Chicago-qualified anti-hook Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1. 2019 Mens Jordans Designed to incorporate the Air Jordan 1's most classic Chicago color scheme into the anti-hook Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, the upper is made entirely of crocodile leather, and the natural texture of the crocodile skin exudes ultimate luxury and wildness. The logo on the inside of the shoe has a hot stamping logo. The hand-made charm makes the officially sold shoes eclipsed.

With the silky black toe Air Jordan 1 WMNS's long-awaited call, 2019 Cheap Jordan brings a metallic blue texture to the girls' family. Air Jordan 1 Nova XX! Air Jordan 1 Nova XX Wmns is based on the Air Jordan 1 retro styling, infused with a new interpretation of fashion elements! The special metal of liquid metal texture and black lightweight mesh fabric, together to build a classic black and blue dress shoes, asymmetric lace deconstruction and personalized strap design, all show the girl's avant-garde modern side!
5  General Category / John Rich Discussion / 2019 Yeezy Boost 700 Magnet About To Release on: August 17, 2019, 08:14:49 pm
Since the exposure, the Yeezy Boost 700 Magnet has been well-received. This time, there is a detailed exposure. Let's take a closer look at this new color that will be released soon. Magnet is translated as “magnet”. The name of the shoe is as follows. The whole body of the shoe is shown in dark color. The black toe cap is matched with a light gray collar and a bright gray upper to express the color of the magnet. The collision of multiple colors creates a strong visual impact and is more attractive than a single color. Rich layers and outstanding materials, with a white midsole and raw rubber outsole, is undoubtedly the perfect choice for autumn and winter wear, while the side is embellished with bright orange reflective strips to invigorate the whole shoe.

Under close observation, the face value is quite high, and the first color match is not lost.Jordans 2019 Shoes at the end of this year is already predictable! In addition to the black and red Air Jordan 11 Bred's “re-emergence”, the Air Jordan 1 OG High Fearless, known as the “light” color, is also receiving attention, and it is also the highlight of the year! Based on OG high-top shoes, the patent leather upper has a good luster effect and is full of fashion. Due to the use of blue and red colors that resemble police lights, it was nicknamed "Police Light". The red toe is exceptionally eye-catching, white base tones, complemented by black Swoosh, simple and generous, and classic.

Air Jordan Sneakers is the undisputed popular shoe in the current shoe circle No. 1! OG's first year of color matching is naturally the most demanding goods, and this year's many new colors are also
hot, a shoe is hard to find, but also guide the trend of the street. Jordan Brand has also created more new styles based on the Air Jordan 1 shoe model this year. In addition to more low-end Air Jordan 1 Low and the medium-sized Air Jordan 1 Mid, many new products are brought. The
most interesting one is this. Air Jordan 1 High React! Born in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 is not particularly comfortable in terms of comfort, but combined with the brand's latest Nike React cushioning technology, the "OG originator" has become a comfortable shoe.
6  General Category / John Rich Discussion / Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid Cool Black Grey Release This Fall on: August 05, 2019, 07:36:36 am
This summer, the Sacai x Nike LDWaffle joint running shoes are extremely popular. Although the three new colors are skipped to September, they are still highly anticipated. Recently, Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid Cool Black Grey has also begun to expose new color combinations. After gray, another black and gray color matching with LDWaffle is also exposed. The black ash LDWaffle has the same color as the black color, and the Swoosh, toe and lace hole reinforcements are all decorated with gray, which brings a rich layering and cool. The ultra-multi-layer vulcanized rubber sole is a traditional white design with a black ash upper for avant-garde and sharp. The Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid is crafted from a sturdy, full-leather material with a double-layered sponge tongue that may not fit on the feet during the summer. But in the autumn and winter season, I believe it will replace LDWaffle and become the main shoe of the Sacai co-branded series. This color scheme that will debut in the fall is even more worth looking forward to.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The Air Force 1 is Nike's evergreen collection, a classic profile that is designed to give you the full range of materials and designs. Recently, a new color matching Air Force 1 has debuted again. Air Force 1 '01 PRM 1 combines multiple colors in a spliced ​​form on a white base. The Swoosh Logo of the shoe is also very special. It is an embroidered Mini Logo, which is placed on two lace hole decorations. The overall design is full of playfulness.

2019 Sneakers Release want to ask all the colors of Air Jordan 1, which pair do you want to have the most? I believe many of my friends will not hesitate to say the name of "Fragment"! Known as the godfather of fashion, Fujiwara's Fragment
Design is definitely a gold medal in the sneaker circle! When I went to Hong Kong to attend the Nike On Air event at the beginning of the year, I personally got a pair of undiscovered lightning joint Fragment x Air Jordan 3 Sample, which is really unpredictable! The overall color scheme of the shoes is exactly the same as the lightning Air Jordan 1, which also uses white, blue and black as the main tone. The materials and workmanship are also very particular. The large area of ​​lychee skin is matched with the embossed lightning logo, and the blue midsole releases the white text logo. Create a rich OG atmosphere while highlighting Fragment's unique color scheme!
7  General Category / John Rich Discussion / Where to buy best price Nike Blazer Mid? on: July 21, 2019, 08:06:46 pm
Jordans 2019 Shoes is most suitable for the upper foot, only the color that is most suitable for summer. At the beginning of this month, are you still impressed with the Yin Yang Nike Blazer Mid? The upper is made of suede material, and the large-area multi-color stitching is used to show people. Several colors are perfectly combined to make them look bright and eye-catching. Side Swoosh is a white man with a gray suede heel. It is not only full of texture, but also has a strong fashion. The inner and outer sides adopt the design of yin and yang contrast, which is novel and unique. When wearing out of the street, I believe it will attract the attention of many shoe players.

2019 Mens Jordans As the world's top sneaker custom unit, everyone should be familiar with The Shoe Surgeon, Xiaobian has repeatedly reported their luxury custom-made sneakers. This morning, The Shoe Surgeon is also in the personal Instagram, a pair of never-before-seen "Tie-dye anti-hook" Air Jordan 1, definitely make you hooked! Take Air Jordan 1 as a prototype and draw inspiration from the officially marketed joint names. Because the material of the shoe is made of a variety of tie-dye fabrics, it also makes the shoes look very exaggerated at first glance. As a tribute to Travis Scott's sneakers, the most iconic anti-hook design is certainly not less. In addition, the "Cactus Jack" label is also printed on the tongue, but the Nike Air Logo is replaced by The Shoe Surgeon. In the overall design, the most eye-catching detail is the “grimace” design next to the anti-hook. Like Fujiwara's Lightning Logo, this grimace is the most representative of Travis Scott.

2019 Cheap Jordan,This week's letter brother's first signature shoes Nike Zoom Freak 1 ushered in a pair of gorgeous style of new color, recently brought a complete official map. Inspired by his favorite comedy film, Coming to America, the new color scheme will star in the style of Eddie Murphy in the film. The shoe body boldly adds black gold leopard elements on a black basis. Nike Zoom Freak 1 "Coming to America" ​​midsole iconic anti-hook Swoosh is also embellished with gorgeous gold textures, embroidered with the words "Coming to America" ​​on the black plush tongue, hit the theme! With a specially created exclusive gold shoe box, the personal logo of the letter brother is particularly eye-catching, and the name of the movie is also printed on the top of the shoe box. It is extremely gorgeous from the inside to the top, and the effect on the foot is bound to be eye-catching! At the same time, it also launched matching accessories, including jackets, T-shirts, shorts and hats.
8  General Category / John Rich Discussion / 414571-105 Air Jordan 13 Lakers is Available Now on: July 13, 2019, 05:34:48 pm
The Air Jordan 13 Lakers, which will be presented in white, black and purple, will be officially released on July 20th. Currently, the US Nike official website has been on the market for a price of $190. The use of white leather to create a refreshing visual main line, the purple part of the body and the yellow details of the sole are not only dynamic, but also create the familiar Lakers Lakers. But this color scheme was not created to pay tribute to the Lakers, but to commemorate Michael Jordan's defeat of the Lakers in the 90-91 season's finals and win his first NBA championship. Such color inspiration is not uncommon in the Air Jordan series, and the previous Air Jordan 4 Cavalier color matching is the same idea. However, this does not affect the dressing of the Lakers, but it is still a full-bodied and eye-catching versatile model.

Adidas Sneakers Under the operation of Kanye West, the Yeezy series has become one of the most absorbing and marketable shoe collections in the adidas camp. More than 20 Yeezy shoes have been released this year, but there are still a lot of new color schemes waiting for the right offer. Today there is a new Yeezy Boost 700 new color exposure, rumors will be available soon. Known as the Magnet Magnet, it features a dark grey toe, a light grey collar, a bright grey upper and a beige lining. The entire body has a gradient of color change, which has a richer visual layering than a single-tone shoe. The white midsole is matched with a raw rubber outsole, which is embellished with bright orange on the characteristic curve outline. It is also quite familiar with the familiarity of the original Yeezy Boost 700.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,This year marks the 50th anniversary of the human landing on the moon. Many moon landing themes and NASA themes are also appearing in the sneakers and trends. The Nike PG3 with NASA theme as the first color match will not miss this historic celebration moment, and will once again bring a brand new PG3 "NASA". Different from the orange color of the first color scheme, the new PG3 “NASA” adopts the space silver tone through, and the fabric fabric is matched with the lustrous details to create a space technology atmosphere, and also has a good visual layer effect. The heel is still the NASA embroidered chapter, while the tongue has a new logo for APOLLO 11.
9  General Category / John Rich Discussion / 2019 Air Jordan 10 Retro SE is Coming Soon on: July 06, 2019, 07:22:11 am
Recently, a new color matching Air Jordan 10 will be available soon. The Air Jordan 10 Retro SE features a red crepe line and a white leather upper. On the black tongue, the Jordan 23 Logo is decorated with embossed texture, and the laces are also decorated with red lines. The outsole is very special, dressed in a colorful splash style, showing a unique temperament.

This year's second-generation boots, Jordan Why Not Zer0.2, attracts the attention of many combat enthusiasts with exaggerated design language and many fresh color schemes. The SE version, which has recently been integrated into the deconstruction style, has a new color exposure and will be ushered in next week. For sale. The overall appearance continues Jordan Why Not Zer0.2, the side of the shoe is made of transparent flap mesh material, which is lighter in weight. And in the front section of the shoelace, the exposed flying line design is added, which is more bold than the ordinary version. In terms of color matching, red is used as the main color of the upper, and the details are complemented by black embellishments. The classic red and black dresses are combined with deconstruction design, which is believed to be favored by many influxes and actual combat parties.

2019 Sneakers Release reinvented the hot 90th Streetball collection, redefining street fashion with a vibrant color scheme and avant-garde style. The return brings gray, orange, black and orange colors, with a futuristic outline of the lines, showing a new look. The upper is made of leather of different textures and mesh surface, which has quite a few decomposed temperament. The wide tongue and the tight neckline allow for more protection of the ankle during exercise. The midsole transitions from the forefoot to the back palm in a gradient tone, in stark contrast to the contrast of the outsole. Equipped with Lightstrike technology, the shoe can provide a comfortable wearing experience while providing a shock-absorbing effect during exercise.
10  General Category / John Rich Discussion / Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 Medium Olive For Sale on: June 29, 2019, 05:20:51 pm
Travis Scott is arguably the hottest star in the trend circle. He has also been working closely with Jordan Brand. Whether it was the joint Air Jordan 4 last year or the anti-hook Air Jordan 1 released in May this year, it is extremely high. The resale price shows its high popularity. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 Medium Olive is crafted in olive green suede with a black and white splicing midsole and a striking orange accent on the details for a sophisticated military look. The innovative tongue of the tongue is made of canvas material and looks more tough. The most characteristic is that the outer side of the upper changed the original raised design into a small pocket to pay tribute to the gold rush culture of Travis Scott's hometown of Texas. The “Cactus Jack” label on the right heel is printed to show the extraordinary identity of the shoes.

2019 Cheap Jordan Along with the popularity of OFF-WHITE, Blazer Mid is one of Nike's most classic shoes, and it is also attracting more and more fans. Recently, there is an extremely bright new color scheme coming soon. The Nike Blazer Mid Vintage is crafted from suede and features a large multi-color stitching design that combines multiple shades to create an eye-catching look. The Swoosh on the side does not have the same color design as the upper. The pure white logo is more eye-catching on the colorful upper, which is matched with the white laces and the midsole. The contrast effect is vivid. The heel part is designed in grey suede with a white classic Nike logo. The texture is very delicate.

Air Jordan 1 Gym Red has received much attention from players since its exposure, and it has been labeled as “No Resale 2.0”. To be released tomorrow, the domestic shoe photographer gc911 brings the latest physical photos in advance, and is compared with the real ban on reselling Air Jordan 1. The most obvious difference between the two is that the Swoosh and the outsole are opposite in color. It is forbidden to resell as a black hook, and the Gym Red is a red hook. At the same time, the white part of the resale is slightly yellowed, and the old effect is worn, while the Gym Red is pure white. The two pairs of shoes are basically the same in the leather material, and the Air Jordan 1 conventional leather is used. This year's Air Jordan 1 boldly uses a variety of special materials and designs. In contrast, this pair of Gym Red is a very OG color. In terms of details, it is forbidden to resell the tongue, midsole, heel, etc. The iconic font design is of course not inherited on Gym Red, only the red Nike Air Logo embellishment on the tongue. The overall temperament is very similar to the ban on resale, and the regular design also makes Gym Red the Air O1 of the most OG in the near future.
11  General Category / John Rich Discussion / Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Dark Mocha On Sale on: June 29, 2019, 06:52:47 am
Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly one of the most recent topics and the most attention-grabbing shoes. At present, the market price of gold size has exceeded 10,000, which has caused many fans to regret it. The low-end version of the physical map that was exposed some time ago Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, has gradually become the focus of everyone's attention, and it is also a good opportunity to start the design of Air Jordan 1. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Dark Mocha continues the design of the anti-hook as a whole. The color scheme is replaced by a dark-colored theme. The upper is made of brown and black suede material. In detail, the inside of the upper is printed with the more obvious red "Cactus Jack" label, and the logo of the heel is replaced by red flying wings and ghost face embroidery, showing a different temperament than the high version.

The adidas EQT series, which is popular with the best, is welcoming a new shoe type EQT Gazelle, which will be available for sale next Monday. Continuing the consistent design style of the EQT series, it combines retro style and avant-garde design. In addition to the regular logo, the upper also extends three leather support strips from the toe for a powerful impact. The midsole adopts the front and rear separation design commonly used in the science fiction shoes, which is enough for the stereo TPU series, which has both exaggerated shape and durability. A bright green fluorescent green color is used as the main color, and the details are complemented by black lines. With a white midsole, the color contrast is strong and it is unforgettable. The other pair is made of grey fabric and leather. The three-line part of the side is black and the vintage style is full.

2019 Sneakers Release,Military camouflage elements have always played an important role in the trend circle, and many camouflage color shoes will appear every year. Recently, a camouflage Air Jordan 10 is physically exposed, but it is not as simple as a camouflage color scheme. The Air Jordan 10 Camo is dressed in a large-area camouflage pattern, and the material is also different. Military fabrics are used to bring a unique texture while enhancing durability. The rest is made of black leather for a tough hue and a superior texture.
12  General Category / John Rich Discussion / Preview 2019 New Nike SB Air Jordan 1 Eric Koston on: June 15, 2019, 08:48:38 pm
Nike SB launched the skateboard evolution version Air Jordan 1 is not new, as early as June, it also announced a low-profile version of the Nike SB Air Jordan 1 Eric Koston, which is actually the signature version of Nike skater Eric Koston. The signature shoe is based on the Air Jordan 1 Low. The body is dominated by white and midnight blue, complemented by silver Swoosh, and the red "Jumpman" logo at the toe is the biggest highlight of the pair. .

Recently, the Nike React family has welcomed a number of new members. In addition to the React Sertu introduced yesterday, this time, a new pair of high-top sneakers named React Ianga will be on the scene. As a member of Nike's mysterious "THE10TH" project, the shoe also features an outdoor performance style. The body of the shoe is made of black canvas combined with leather and suede, complemented by brown details to decorate the side and heel, while the nylon webbing is injected. The shoes bring military aesthetics and are finally finished with a React outsole with excellent resilience.

2019 Cheap Jordan,Giannis Antetokounmpo, the "letter brother" who led Bucks to the best record in the league this season, is the most powerful contender for the regular season MVP, and was well-known on the Internet before the first Nike made the signature shoes spy photos. Sports product retailer Finish Line also verified the authenticity of the Zoom Freak 1 with a set of white details. It is reported that the first color of Zoom Freak 1 is presented in simple black and white tones. In addition to the huge Swoosh Logo on the side of the shoe, the blue translucent support that extends from the sole to the upper is like a "wave". Other details include the words "Charles + Veronica" on behalf of Giannis' parents on the midsole, and the slogan "I AM MY FATHER'S LEGACY" on the soles to see the importance of parents and family. In addition, the personal logo and jersey number "34" on the tongue and heel are also important elements of the "letter brother" personal element, and finally equipped with Zoom air cushion sole.
13  General Category / John Rich Discussion / Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Yellow Toe Officially Release 2019 on: June 09, 2019, 06:23:21 am
Last year, Air Jordan 1 launched a variety of black toe color matching products such as black red, black purple, black green, etc. It is really necessary to get the rhythm of "Gourd Baby"! The black and yellow toes with high voices have recently released official pictures and are scheduled to be officially released this month! However, this time, the mid-help Mid model shows people, not OG's Air Jordan 1 Hi high-top style, relatively close to the people's pricing and wearing friendly, also has a good popularity! The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Yellow Toe has a bold yellow accent on the toe and upper, and the outsole is also echoed. The collar, upper and toe are complemented by a matte black cover to create a strong visual contrast. The side of the shoe is still covered in white. The overall black toe color scheme is exactly the same. I believe that the heart is not a minority! In addition, the previous OG high-energy version of the Air Jordan 1 Hi has also released spy photos, but there is no exact release date yet, is it ready to start this middle help, or continue to wait for no high news Help, it is a bit tangled.

Fear of God x Nike's joint starting shoe type Air Fear of God 1 is once again welcoming the new color, and will be officially released today, it is really unpredictable! Continuing the Nike Air Fear of God 1 high-top styling, the Nike Air Fear of God 1 Sail toe cap is covered with a fine suede, while the latter half is made of breathable mesh for a refreshing summer atmosphere! Designed with practical basketball shoes, the minimalist silhouette of the simple science fiction, the Zoom Air embedded in the sole of the foot, and an additional Zoom Air in the rear window opening position, to achieve a super high-profile double-layer air cushion structure, whether it is Everyday wear is still on the pitch, and it has unparalleled cushioning and comfort.

Speaking of adidas's products, everyone will definitely think of Yeezy. The Pharrell series, which was also infinitely beautiful before, has a lot of feelings because of the recent downturn in new products. But recently, two new Pharrell x adidas Hu NMD appeared on the Internet, and one of them has a bright eye-catching look that people have to pay attention to. Pharrell x adidas Hu NMD Pink's full upper is dressed in pure pink, and it's cozy and cute. The TPU frame is also decorated with pink, and the outsole is made of raw rubber, which injects classic elements into the shoes. The embroidered design of the upper is still alive, and this color scheme has “SUN” and “CALM”. At the same time, the other color of the exposure is pure black color, pure black from the upper to the midsole, also the raw rubber outsole, which looks even cooler. The upper fonts are embroidered as “INFINITY” and “SPECIES”.
14  General Category / John Rich Discussion / 2019 OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 Blue Release Soon on: June 01, 2019, 06:19:56 pm
Recently, Virgil Abloh has released a blue OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 and news that it will be released in June. Subsequent more detailed sales information will be available for sale at the Chicago Museum of Modern Art. Unlike the "The Ten" series of co-branded shoes, the model is based on the relatively conventional Air Force 1 shoe, and the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 Blue is embellished with silver Swoosh and white lettering. More similar to the previous White Complex Con Qualified and Black New York Museum of Modern Art. And it will indeed appear as a limited art gallery. It is reported that it will be released at the Museum of Modern Art in Chicago in the near future. The previous two limited color schemes are hidden Boss. It seems that this is not to be underestimated.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Bandulu is a fashion brand founded by street artist Pat Peltier, has always attracted the cooperation of major brands with its unique design concept. Recently, it has teamed up with Nike to create a joint Kyrie 5, Nike, com official website. Bandulu x Nike Kyrie 5 uses beige as the main color of the upper, complemented by white and purple Swoosh embellishments. The most striking thing is that the upper is designed with Bandulu's signature ink, and the colorful dots are bright and eye-catching, which is very eye-catching. Many details such as the tongue and heel are integrated into the Bandulu Logo to showcase the joint status of the shoes.

2019 Sneakers Release will launch the Rainbow BETRUE series with the LGBT theme. This theme is the same as the BHM black moon color scheme, which aims to promote the free choice of sovereignty of special social groups. Inspired by the LBGT's iconic rainbow elements, the Nike BETRUE collection features a unique style on a pair of shoes. Every year, the Nike BETRUE series will always have several popular shoes for the summer. Recently, Nike released the full set of BETRUE series this year. The current exposure catalogue shows five BETRUE color exposures including Air Max 720 and Benassi JDI slippers. Among them, the Air Max 720 shoes are the most special shoes in this series. The shoes pay tribute to Rainbow Banner designer Gilbert Baker, who can see his signature on the transparent air cushion. On the special streamlined upper of the Air Max 720, there is a gradient rainbow like a smudge. Paired with the black body, it expresses a tough temperament in the colorful. In addition to the shoes, this time there is also a matching apparel release, also with rainbow elements as the main design style. The simple Swoosh Logo is paired with Nike slogans and is simple and colorful, perfect for summer wear.
15  General Category / John Rich Discussion / 2019 New Nike Air Max 270 with React on: May 26, 2019, 06:30:23 am
Before the opening of the World Cup, the US women's national team showed for the first time Nike's latest Nike Air Max 270 silhouette with React shock absorption. Just before the opening of the French Women's World Cup in 2019, the women's national team of the United States in 2019 is about to open the French Women's World Cup. Recently, the women's team in each participating country naturally began to gather. The American women's national team naturally also gathered in the official Twitter, and the small series was directly attracted by the shoes on their feet. It is not difficult to see through the overall shape of the shoes. These shoes are based on the Air Max 270 and have added React cushioning technology to the forefoot. I believe the foot feels very good.

Jordans 2019 Shoes believe that after the Air Jordan 3 Tinker was released for the first time last year, many OG sneaker players have a lot of curiosity about the Air Jordan 3 with Nike Swoosh. In fact, this pair of hooked Air Jordan 3, from the famous design is Tinker Hatfield's original Air Jordan 3 manuscript. After the sale of the white and red hook color at the beginning of this year, the newly exposed black cement color matching will definitely make you want to shout. The overall design continues the most classic black cement color scheme, but the details are different. The iconic black ash burst has been changed to pure black, and the upper material has been changed from lychee leather to a better texture, and the gold lace buckle adds a high specification. The Nike Logo on the heel is presented in pure black, and the red accents on the upper are also cancelled, making the shape even lower-key. Although the overall color scheme is more understated and introverted than the OG version, in fact, the gray part of the vamp has hidden 3M reflective effect, and the personality index is still super high.

2019 Sneakers Release With the upcoming Quai 54, the famous French streetball competition, the sponsor of Jordan Brand will naturally launch a variety of sneakers. Recently, Air Jordan 8 and Air Jordan 1 Mid two pairs of sneakers, exposed this year's Quai 54 color matching, let's take a look! The Air Jordan 8 shoe features the iconic black dress of the Quail 54 series, and the back heel is complemented by a colorful pattern to create an eye-catching texture. The body of the Air Jordan 1 Mid is dressed in the most classic black and white. The most distinctive detail is the 4-color design at the heel, giving each angle a different visual experience. At the same time, the logo of the Quai 54 is also on the tongue. The small hook in the middle of the shoe is set to be full of playfulness.
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