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Author Topic: What is the Hermes bag? A comprehensive understanding of the eight leathers of H  (Read 110 times)
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« on: April 17, 2019, 12:32:46 am »

At that time, a photo of a Monaco new emperor, Grace Kelly, carrying a Herm├Ęs handbag from a saddle bag made a splash. This bag was immediately named the Kelly bag and quickly became popular. So, what is the Replica New Hermes Bag? What are the Hermes classic bags?

1, cowhide:
Cowhide is smaller than TOGO and harder than TOGO. The gloss is very beautiful, (but for some people there is a plastic feeling), the color is always deeper than other leathers, and it is more resistant to wear. This kind of leather bag is a bit heavy. This skin is somewhat similar to the large river skin of LV.

2, Replica Hermes Togo Cowhide Bags:
Adult male cowhide (neck skin), the surface of the skin is similar to lychee, with small particles of appropriate size (hardened by dots), a little luster

3, Fute cowhide:
New types of leather in recent years. Overall, it is softer and more pleated than other leather leathers. The bag made of this kind of leather is not easy to be plastic, so it is generally used as a pleated bag of soft lindy bag, and does not have a strong sense of tension such as Brikin.

4. Goat skin CHEVRE:
Chevre de coromandel: It is made from coromandel goatskin. It is shiny and more resistant. It is usually used for lining/lipi of Brikin and other bags.

4. Fake Hermes Crocodile Skin Bags
1) The inverted V is the Porosus Crocodile Borneo alligator, the most expensive;
2) Two points are Niloticus Crocodile Nile crocodile, the price is second;
3) The square is Alligator Crocodile, Chinese/American farming, the cheapest price;

5. Horse skin
As the name suggests, the skin of a horse is a traditional Chinese medicine that has the effect of killing insects and relieving itching. There are many varieties of horses in China, such as Mongolia, Hequ, Yili, Sanhe, Heihe, etc. Due to different varieties, body size and hair color are also different. The main coat color is green hair, flower hair, black hair, chestnut hair, etc. The effect is different.

6. Lizard skin
The special skin that looks very special, because of the small scales on the surface, looks like a diamond. It is completely water-resistant, so although the "age" characteristics are good, you should pay attention to maintenance and avoid water, otherwise the scales will fall off.

7. Ostrich skin
One of the most common specialty leathers, the lightest of all these leathers, is extremely durable and will not cause problems when hitting water. It will become softer after a few years of use, but still retain its shape.
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