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Author Topic: Signs & Symptoms Twin Pregnancy  (Read 48 times)
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« on: September 12, 2019, 07:13:33 am »

Twins may take birth in your family even before the diagnosis commences before pregnancy you run the risk of conceiving twins. These twins may reappear in the family and some generations may be skipped. In case, your mother or grandmother had twins you may carry a gene that enables you to release more than an egg at a time which brighten up your chances of having twins.

The following are the signs and symptoms of twin pregnancy conditions which may be amplified as under :

You may have a weird feeling that you are carrying more than a baby. You should not disregard intuition or dreams. The probability is very high in many cases and you should go and consult a doctor positively after development of such a feeling.
You encounter more nausea or morning sickness or a combination of both. In case, you are carrying couple of babies you may also have ECH hormone levels which make the occurrence of morning bouts involving sickness.
Other normal pregnancy symptoms may be explained without exaggeration. While circulation of extra hormones in this system you may find that you are very tender and you may have to undergo urination frequently or you feel hungry all the time or feel very tired. You may also have a problem of catching your breath or observe the occurrence of swelling of the hands and legs or experience an usual weight gain or an abdominal enlargement of high degree of fetal movement. Anemia or low iron deficiency with the combination of decreased hemoglobin is also prevalent under such circumstances with the increased fear of its non-deception.
breastfeeding twins

Your weight gain also may be rapid in your first trimester. This may indicate your first clue and if you are eating properly you should be in position to shed away all your concerns. A research study in the American journal of obstetrics and gynecology stressed the significance of obesity to indicate twin pregnancies and these have a bearing on the ultimate weight of the babies.
Your measurement is large for gestational age. You may administer an ultrasound. The normal dimension of uterus may be from 39 to 42 centimeters in height while the twin pregnancy may exceed 49 centimeters.
You may have elevated levels of alpha fetoprotein. Simple blood test is administered after 17 weeks after your previous menstrual period. This enables detection of twin pregnancies.
You are told about rapidly rising hormones produced by the fertilized egg as well as what is needed what is needed the pregnancy till the development of placenta.
When you hear two fetal heartbeats these can be distinguishable with a Doppler in your care provider’s office by around 10 to 13 weeks. After around 27 weeks it may be possible to distinguish between two fetal heads.
When you have a positive ultrasound it will be in a position to improve the diagnosis as well as medication path from the point of view of administration.
To conclude, these signs and symptoms of twin pregnancy should be very carefully studied as well as monitored with appropriate gynecologists’ as well as obstetricians’ advice and control.
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